Zoom into Soil: Soil Organic Matter

Feb 16, 2021 | Videos

The webinar featured Dr Tom Sizmur, Associate Professor in Environmental Chemistry at the University of Reading, and Julian Gold, Farm Manager at Hendred Estate, with their presentations, How does Organic Matter become Soil Organic Matter? and Building and Retaining Soil Organic Matter on Hendred Estate: Some Practical Issues and Thoughts.

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Zoom into Soil: Celebrating the Work of Early Career Researchers

Zoom into Soil: Celebrating the Work of Early Career Researchers, chaired by Dr Xavier Portell-Canal, a Research Fellow at Cranfield University, features Laura Schnee, a Doctoral Candidate student at the University of Bremen, and Lorenzo Rossi, a Research Fellow at the University of Milan, with their presentations, ‘Rethinking scientific publishing: a perspective from the next generation of soil scientists’ and ‘Mental health is not optional: solution-driven thoughts on wellbeing in academia’.

Zoom into Soil: Hidden Processes in Soils

‘Zoom into Soil: Hidden Processes in Soils’ features Dr Carsten W. Müller, Associate Professor for Soil Science at the University of Copenhagen, and Dr Tinashe Mawodza, a Research Fellow at Nottingham University, with their presentations, ‘Soil processes regulated at the microscale – using microscopy to zoom into soil’ and ‘Demystifying secrets of the hidden half – an exploration of root-soil interactions using X-ray and neutron tomography’.

Zoom into Soil: Zero Tillage

‘Zoom into Soil: Zero Tillage’ features Hannah Cooper and Russell McKenzie who discuss the current academic literature related to zero-tillage, the extent to which it reduces greenhouse gas emissions compared to more common conventional tillage methods and how these methods compare in practice.