At a local level

Our Regional Groups

The Society has six regional groups throughout the United Kingdom, who meet regularly to exchange knowledge and ideas.

Forums for each group will be launched shortly.

The Midlands Soil Discussion Group (MSDG)

The Midlands Soil Discussion Group (MSDG) was formed on 23 November 2011 at Nottingham University. The group is Chaired by Dr Andrew Tye.

Northern Soils Network (NSN)

The Northern Soils Network (NSN) covers all counties in northern England and bridges the areas covered by the Midlands and Scottish Soil Discussion groups. The NSN Chair is Dr Manoj Menon.

Scottish Soil Discussion Group (SSDG)

The Scottish Soil Discussion Group (SSDG) organises meetings and promotes discussion amongst the Scottish membership. The Chair is Dr Sarah Buckingham.

SE England Soil Discussion Group (SEESOIL)

The South East England Soil Discussion Group (SEESOIL) is a regional networking group for everyone interested in soil science spanning academia to the general public. The Chair is Leila Froud.

South West Soils Discussion Group (SWSDG)

​The South West Soils Discussion Group (SWSDG) was established in the early 1970’s by National Soil Survey staff based at Starcross in Devon. The group is Chaired by Dr Lynda Deeks.

Welsh Soil Discussion Group (WSDG)

The Welsh Soils Discussion Group (WSDG) is the longest running soil discussion group. It was formed in 1960 with published memoirs from 1960 to 1988. The group became formally affiliated to the Society in 1990. The position of WSDG Chair is currently vacant.


Soils are our past, present and future

The biggest global challenges to do with our climate and the state our planet, have soil at the heart.”

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