Dr Joanna Clark - Biography

Joanna Clark, University of Reading

Joanna is Associate Professor in Environmental Science at the University of Reading working on carbon and water cycles in terrestrial and freshwater ecosystems from test-tube to catchment scale.  Techniques used include lab simulation experiments, field monitoring, modelling, remote sensing and participatory approaches to partnership working. She has specific interests in peatland biogeochemistry. This includes the interactions between climate change and declining acid deposition on carbon cycling, dissolved organic carbon exports and associated implications for drinking water treatment, and understanding peatland resilience and the environmental factors that define the bioclimatic limit of peatland extent.  She is also interested in the role organic matter plays in providing both climate and water regulation services in forest, agricultural and urban ecosystems, particularly in relation to Natural Flood Management and the associated co-benefits for water quality, biodiversity and carbon storage. 

She works collaboratively through projects funded by NERC, EPSRC, ESRC, South West Water, Affinity Water, Syngenta, Forest Research, Centre for Ecology and Hydrology, James Hutton Institute, Grantham Institute for Climate Change, Imperial College and University of Reading. Current projects includes EPSRC Twenty65 consortia looking to deliver sustainable water for all by 2065, NERC CALIBRE project on temperature agroforestry as part of the Greenhouse Gas Removal programme, NERC LANDWISE consortia funded through the Evaluating the Effectiveness of Natural Flood Management Programme, Earthwatch Water Academy, and eight PhD projects looking at science and/or socio-ecological relationships surrounding carbon and water cycles.

Joanna is founder and Director, Loddon Observatory, a cross-disciplinary platform that integrates teaching, research and impact activities to address sustainable resource management in a lowland peri-urban catchment. She is a member of the Editorial Board for Scientific Reports and Peer J.