Zoom into Soil: Regenerative Agriculture

Jan 12, 2022 | Videos

Supported by ADAS and in collaboration with the British Ecological Society, we are delighted to welcome Dr Anne Bhogal and Professor Richard Bardgett to present their expert knowledge on the topic of regenerative agriculture.

Regenerative agriculture is fundamentally about maintaining and improving soil health through sustainable soil management practices. Central to this is soil organic matter, which drives the many soil biological processes that underpin soil structural development, nutrient and water availability. Sustainable soil management is therefore not only about protecting and managing soil structural conditions (e.g. through tillage practices) but ultimately about managing soil organic matter (through the use of crop rotations, cover crops and organic manure inputs, as well as reducing tillage). Dr Anne Bhogal’s talk, ‘Soil organic matter: the key to regenerative agriculture’, will outline the importance of organic matter, typical levels within soils and look at how the 5 principles of regenerative agriculture can potentially maintain and improve it.

Professor Richard Bardgett will talk about the central role of soil biodiversity in the maintenance and enhancement of soil health.

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