Collaborative Working Request - Sierra Leone Agricultural Research Institute

9th October 2017

BSSS Member Dr Abdul Rahman contacted the office to request assistance for one of his colleagues. Can you help?

My colleague, Dr Idriss Baggie ( is a soil scientist and Senior Research Officer at Rokupr Agricultural Research Centre, Sierra Leone Agricultural Research Institute.  Idriss is interested in developing a research proposal (ENHANCING FOOD AND NUTRITION SECURITY IN SIERRA LEONE (AND LIBERIA) related to the general theme of sustainable intensification of agricultural systems in sub-Saharan Africa. 

The focus would be on lowland rice and Digitaria exilis as the ‘orphan crop’. The challenges would be addressed under the themes:

  1. Soil Health;
  2. Integrated soil fertility management;
  3. Water management – SMART Valley approach; and
  4. Integrated pest and crop disease management approach.

The major requirement for funding from the UK government’s Global Challenges Research Fund (GCRF) is that the proposal should be led by a Principal Investigator based in the UK, and the participation of Co-Investigators in Africa. 

Dr. Baggie is keen to work with a Principal Investigator to develop the proposal.