Soil Science Australia Position Paper: Soil Security

7th December 2018

Soil security—considering all aspects of soil management—is a priority issue which should be on the national agenda as Australia grapples with protracted drought, climate change and new development encroaching on former agricultural land.

A position paper, released in Soil Science Australia’s Profile: Soil Policy Journal explores the topic in detail at the Soil Security and Planetary Health Conference at the University of Sydney on 5th December 2018.

Soil security asks the question: ‘what can this soil do?’ 

It’s driven by the need to secure food and fibre production, preserve our biodiversity and contribute to our water and climate sustainability,” said Associate Professor John Bennett, immediate Past President of Soil Science Australia who championed the development of the position paper. “It’s a framework that will offer a new and empowering market-based approach to soil resource management in our country. Such a framework would be a first, cementing Australia as a global leader in land management.”

You can read the paper here