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    By accepting this declaration you confirm that:
    • the information that you have provided in this form are accurate
    • ou have the full backing of your organisation to apply for this grant
    • you agree that if for any reason the equipment is not purchased, the event not attended or the project is not completed the full grant awarded will be returned to the Society
    As required by the Society, you agree to:
    • present at a future Society meeting
    • write an article to appear in the Society journals and/or website
    • provide copyright free images of your project or taken whilst completing your project which can appear in Society journals and/or website
    • acknowledge the Society funding in all presentations, press releases, and activities relating to this grant output
    • provide any tangible outcomes of grant funding, which may include but is not limited to, factsheets, teaching materials, event programmes, to the Society to be hosted on our website
    • provide an interview with, or complete a case study form, which will be used to promote the outcome of your grant award to other members and the wider public via Society journals and/ or website

    Please note that if you do not agree to these terms we will not process your application.