Host Your Own Soil Science Loan Box

Aug 29, 2023 | Blog, Featured Blog

Find out how your organisation can host their own Soil Science Loan Box through the Big Give campaign. 

Soil Science Loan Box Scheme

Soils are under threat globally, especially due to climate change variables, and securing future interest, engagement and the next generation of researchers and professionals is key. We recently launched our Soil Science Loan Boxes project to further educate young people, families, and the general public on the importance of soils and to encourage further learning and engagement. The boxes contain the resources needed to carry out a number of fun, educational soil-related activities suitable for both children and adults. Our helpful toolkit of resources, boxed up and delivered to the door, helps to share the importance of soil with peers, colleagues, community, or the next generation! 

The box helps to address the lack of mainstream education in soil science, which is a result of soils not being covered by the national curricula, limiting public recognition of the importance of soils. Through our research, member conversations, and Outreach Committee, we have seen a demonstrated appetite for educational materials relating to soil science from educators and related organisations. 


Support via the Big Give Campaign

To support the ongoing development and outreach of the boxes, we are extending the project for organisations, charities or community groups to host their own box to use at events and for outreach activities. Through the Big Give campaign, we are keen to increase the number of boxes on offer, expand their use and grow the project to encourage a better understanding of the importance of soil and its role in responding to the climate emergency. 

This is a great way to contribute to your own corporate social responsibility and environmental targets, as well as putting your company at the heart of local community discussions on soil. 

Organisations interested in hosting a box will be asked to contribute £500 for the first year to cover the cost of the box and all related materials. There will be an annual maintenance fee of £250 to cover the cost of new resources or leaflets. As a demonstration of your commitment, the Loan Box will also feature your logo. 


How to participate

To participate in the project, please complete the pledge form to commit to purchasing the initial box for £500. Pledges, which need to be completed by 8 September, will be invoiced in early 2024.  

Thank you for your continued support and we look forward to sharing the success of the boxes with you! 

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