Zoom into Soil: the role of the surface and subsurface on climate in a post-COP28 world

Jan 18, 2024 | Videos

In this webinar, Bruce Lascelles, UK Director of Sustainable Land Management at Arcadis, and David Manning, Professor of Soil Science at Newcastle University, discuss the role of the surface and subsurface in climate mitigation, adaptation and resilience in a post-COP28 world.

Dr Bruce Lascelles is UK Director for Sustainable Land Management at Arcadis and is passionate about promoting the importance and understanding of soils. He is 2021–2022 President and a Trustee of the British Society of Soil Science. Bruce has a background in Soil Science and Forestry and undertook a PhD investigating the development of soils in North Wales over the Holocene in relation to environmental change and human impacts. After completing a Post Doctoral project at the University of Leicester, Bruce moved into consultancy and has developed expertise in soil and Agricultural Land Classification survey, the design and supervision of soil handling methodologies and in habitat creation, restoration and translocation.

David Manning is a geologist by training and was President of the Geological Society of London from 2014-2016. He is also a member of the British Society of Soil Science. Working as Professor of Soil Science at Newcastle University, and as Honorary Professor of Soil Mineral Processes at Edinburgh University, his academic interests focus on the interface between biology and geology. David is committed to using his experience to help achieve the goal of Net Zero. His work focuses on the processes that take influence the reaction of silicate minerals, derived from rocks, within soils, as these provide crop nutrients and at the same time remove atmospheric CO2.

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