Zoom into Soil: Nutrient Efficiency

Jul 22, 2020 | Videos

Delegates who attended ‘Nutrient Efficiency’ heard from first generation farmer Richard Reeves and Dr Martin Blackwell, a senior research scientist at Rothamsted Research, who set out their experiences around nutrient efficiency from both a practical and academic viewpoint.

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Zoom into Soil: Soil Functions

Zoom into Soil: Soil Functions features Professor Lorna Dawson, Head of Forensic Soil Science at the James Hutton Institute, and Dr Marcelo Galdos, University Academic Fellow in Modelling Food Security and Climate Impacts at the University of Leeds, with their presentations, The Answer Lies In The Soil and Climate – Smart Soils. The two distinct topics broadly consider the function of soil for ecological and non-ecological purposes.

Zoom into Soil: Soil Organic Matter

The webinar featured Dr Tom Sizmur, Associate Professor in Environmental Chemistry at the University of Reading, and Julian Gold, Farm Manager at Hendred Estate, with their presentations, How does Organic Matter become Soil Organic Matter? and Building and Retaining Soil Organic Matter on Hendred Estate: Some Practical Issues and Thoughts.

Zoom into Soil: Erosion

The speakers at our 2020 webinar, John Chinn and Jane Rickson, discussed erosion from both a practical and academic perspective, setting out the challenges which erosion poses, some proposed solutions and the long-term implications of erosion if left unchecked.