EuroSoil Grant: Interdisciplinary Grant for ECRs and Professionals

Jul 28, 2021 | News

Are you a young soil scientist or soil professional attending Eurosoil 2021? Don’t miss out on your opportunity to access €5,000 funding to support you in an interdisciplinary project related to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

The grant, The British Society of Soil Science Interdisciplinary Grant for Early Career Researchers and Professionals is open to PhD students, post-doctoral researchers without a permanent position, and non-academic early career soil professionals.

To be eligible, participants must be registered to Eurosoil 2021 and cannot have been Principal Investigator or co-investigator in any major funded grant. If in doubt, please, contact to discuss the eligibility criteria.


What can the grant be used for?

The grant must be used to perform research related activities but not to pay salaries or attendance to conferences. For example, the funding could be used to obtain preliminary data, develop proof of concept of the research, and organise workshops or meetings to prepare bigger initiatives. Please, note that the project must be independent from the ongoing research of the co-applicants.


How will it work?

The development, submission and award of the grants will take place during the conference week and is organised as follows:

  • Initial Workshop (23 August). Interested delegates must attend the initial workshop “Early Career Scientists Grant Contest” (no preregistration needed). Attendees will group into teams of between two and five people and start producing a draft of the proposed project, assisted by the session co-conveners. Where relevant, the team can propose further partnerships with early career professionals not attending Eurosoil 2021.
  • Preparation of the application form (23 – 25 August). During the conference, the teams will prepare a short research proposal and an application form.
  • Award ceremony (27 August). The awarded team will be announced during the last day of Eurosoil 2021.


How to Apply?

If you wish to participate, you will have to register to EuroSoil2021 ( and attend the Initial Workshop entitled “Early Career Scientists Grant Contest” on 23 August.

For further information, please download the User Guide or contact:

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