Member Consultation on Draft Mission and Vision

Jul 17, 2023 | Blog

At this year’s AGM, President Jack Hannam notified members of the proposed update to the Society’s Mission and Vision, made by the Board. As the importance of soil is being recognised more widely, the mission and vision have been updated to take into account how the Society can collate evidence from across our membership to engage a wider audience.

The draft mission and vision are set out below and we would welcome feedback from members until Sunday 10 September.


Mission and Vision

Our mission is to support and promote the discovery of new knowledge of soils and their role in global sustainability.

Our vision is to ensure sustainable soils for people and planet.

We will achieve our mission and vision by:

  • promoting scientific study and discovery of new knowledge about soil and ensuring it is accessible to a wide audience
  • influencing policy and legislation through evidence-based advocacy
  • supporting our members to develop and continue professional and academic excellence.

The Challenge We Face

To achieve our mission and vision, the Society must address key challenges including:

  • ensuring a sufficient skills base and engagement to deliver sustainable soil management
  • driving research, evidence collection and professional excellence whilst experiencing the impacts of changes to open publishing, income and attitudes to work
  • promoting soil health in the face of geo-political uncertainty, a growing population and changing social attitudes in a world of technological innovation.
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