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Feb 9, 2024 | Blog, Featured, Featured Blog, News

It is with pleasure that I have this opportunity to introduce myself as the Executive Director of the Society at this unprecedented time for the membership, profession, sector and humankind.

The weeks leading up to the start of my appointment have given me the time and space to pause and reflect on the task ahead which faces us all.  Food security issues, climate refugees, the climate and biodiversity crisis are all significant issues, barriers, and conundrums we all face, in conjunction with the great dichotomy of competing forces within the market which can act as both a catalyst to realise climate stability, helping society to move further than Net Zero but in the same instance act as a barrier.   Facing a plethora of challenges, how as a society can we positively influence these forces?  How can we overcome these obstacles and paradoxes?  How do we equip the sector and our members with the tools needed to rise to these present and future challenges?  How do we remain relevant and grow our member base?

These are all fundamental questions which will be at the centre of my ethos and strategy throughout my tenure at the BSSS. The good news is there has never been a more relevant, contextual time for our sector, who are uniquely equipped to tackle the challenges we collectively face. It starts and finishes on the ground we stand on, soil is the real gold, with soil scientists being the goldsmiths who can provide the foundations for tangible climate-based solutions.

To achieve this, however, collaboration and co-operation are key to success.  Collaboration not only within our sector but across the built and natural environment.  Together we are stronger and working with key stakeholders will enable us to not only positively influence government and private, public and third sector but also equip our members with the core future fit skills through rich CPD and access to education.

Working with our members to actively raise the profile of the profession at grass roots and beyond will enable the society and profession to stay relevant.  Nurturing future professionals through developing our apprenticeship offer will also ensure we remain contextual.  This in conjunction with sustainably growing our membership through a suite of products and offers, will strategically place the society for long term growth.

Co-operation between the executive team and members, I feel is also central to success.  Building on the previous successes set by the board and Sarah Garry, whilst working in concert with the sector and member base will help expediate our aims.  This is the vision I hope to embed, one that is humanist in its nature, harnessing the talent we have around us and ensuring the longevity of the society.

Einstein was once quoted in the ‘midst of every crisis lies great opportunity’, as such I believe we have the opportunity to build on existing foundations, collaborate with the sector, equip our members with relevant skills and establish a future fit society underpinned by sustainability, one that is uniquely placed to tackle these present and future challenges.


Andy Morris

Executive Director

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