Professor Bridget Emmett - Biography

Research Interests: 

Particular interest in soils, biogeochemical and ecosystem science.  Specific topics include; impact of land management on natural capital and ecosystem services; change in soil structure and function; impacts of nitrogen pollution; impacts of climate change on soils and ecosystem function; new knowledge systems exploiting advances in computer science. Science focus is on biogeochemical cycling and implications for ecosystem structure and function including the nitrogen cycle, carbon cycle, vegetation composition, water quality and greenhouse gas emissions. Techniques include national-scale surveys and monitoring, large long-term, field-scale manipulation experiments, range of field and laboratory techniques including the use of natural and enriched isotopes at the field scale and collaboration with ecosystem modellers. Income generation has come from a wide range of funders including NERC, EPSRC, DEFRA, EU and the Welsh Government. Examination board for PhD students for various universities in UK and abroad. International involvement includes over 9 EU projects over the last 10 years (acting as lead for the UK in 7 of these projects). Various past and ongoing collaborative projects with groups in North America involving modelling, isotopic studies and meta-analysis of ecosystem experimental studies.

Brief CV: 

Current Role:

Head of Site for CEH’s Bangor station with > 50 staff and students with a focus on biogeochemistry and ecosystem function. Responsibilities include all personnel, financial and research activities for the science led activities of CEH Bangor.

CEH lead for Soil Research for CEH as a whole.