Peat Survey for Windfarm Developments

Wind farm developments in the uplands often overlap with peat resources, and their development can have potential impacts on these materials from direct disturbance as well as indirectly where, for example, new drains are constructed which lower the water table and cause a drying out.  In order to understand the extent of any potential impacts it is critical to fully understand the distribution of peat across the site, and to understand the role this material plays in terms of the habitats it supports, the influence it has on water resources, flood risk and water quality, the potential for it to contain archaeological evidence and its role as either a carbon store.

IPSS members from a specialist UK environmental consultancy are undertaking peat surveys on a range of upland wind farm sites to inform Environmental Impact Assessments.  This includes depth and stratigraphy surveys and the use of this information in carbon balance and peat slide risk assessments, as well as in the development of mitigation measures where impacts are identified.