Our Living Soil

9th September 2020

An ambitious two-year art/science programme to inspire a deeper public understanding of the importance of soils.

Our Living Soil links two major international conferences being held at the Scottish Event Campus in Glasgow: COP26, the UN climate change summit, in 2021; and the World Congress of Soil Science, led by the British Society of Soil Science (BSSS) in August 2022.

Our Living Soil is guided by a panel which includes Willie Towers, a Scottish soil scientist and member of the British Society of Soil Science for over 40 years; Alexandra Toland from Germany whose recent publication Field to Palette brings together over 100 artists and environmental scientists to discuss the state of the world's soils; and Clive Adams, curator of the Soil Culture programme 2014-16.

With its main focus on Scotland, Our Living Soil will build on activities delivered during previous congresses in Brazil and South Korea and the UN's International Year of Soils (2015), and the panel are exploring a wide range of options from exhibitions, residencies, film screenings and performances to workshops, talks and field trips. One of the first activities is planned for World Soil Day on 5 December this year. Of course, the planning is dependent on Covid-19 restrictions and, during these uncertain times, the panel will update the Our Living Soil website, send out newsletters and begin online discussions.

For further information or to get involved, please email contact@ourlivingsoil.art