LAST FEW PLACES! Agricultural Land Classification Course - 20th & 21st November, Solihull

24th October 2019

A little reminder that we will be closing registrations for the 2019 Agricultural Land Classification Course shortly so if you - or a colleague - would like to book, please do so as soon as possible.

This 2-day course, taking place in Solihull (within walking distance of the NEC) is designed and presented by agricultural land classification (ALC) experts from England and the Welsh Government, and offers a unique opportunity to learn about the background and technical basis of the current ALC guidelines.

By the end of the two day course you will learn:

  • about how the ALC system has developed over time, its underlying principles and its role within the planning system - the WHAT, WHY and WHEN of ALC
  • all the details of how land is graded - the HOW of ALC
  • what a report should contain in order to be verified by the Natural England and Welsh Government statutory consultees on planning applications involving soils and agriculture
  • how to present ALC results as an expert witness

As well as taught sessions, you will carry out a group ALC grading desk exercise to apply what you have learned.