Deadline Extension to 11th February 2018 for ongoing consultation for developing the Code of Conduct for the Management of Fertilizers

1st February 2018

The Global Soil Partnership and the ITPS (Intergovernmental Technical Panel on Soils) invite you to contribute to the online consultation for developing the Code of Conduct for the Management of Fertilizers (CoCoFe).

The aim of the CoCoFe is to assist member countries design policies and regulatory frameworks for the sustainable use of fertilizers. It should help policy makers to outline the roles and responsibilities of the multiple stakeholders involved in various aspects of fertilizer management including governments, industry, universities, NGOs, traders, farmers organizations, etc.

We are six weeks into the forum now and we are still receiving very valuable feedback and inputs to the discussion on a future Code of Conduct on the Management of Fertilizers (CoCoFe).

In the previous two weeks, we have received contributions from a broad representation of society, including Academia, Farmers Organizations, and Industry. We have had a few more suggestions on how to better frame the objectives, such as including the issue of nutrient-use in relation to land-use, as well as including food nutrition in addition to food safety.

Once again, there is a broad consensus that all plant nutrient sources should be included in the CoCoFe as they are all part of an Integrated Soil Fertility Management (ISFM) strategy to sustainable food production. It was also suggested that including advanced nutrient formulations will help encourage innovation and advancement in nutrient use efficiency technology.

With the extension of the forum until the 11th of February, we are still anticipating more feedback, both from who have responded already and from those who are new. Again, we are extremely grateful to everyone for your contributions.

Please read the full introduction in English (also available in French and Spanish) and take part by visiting the FSN Forum's website where you can post your comments following registration. In alternative you can send us your comments to