Foundations of Soil Science

This section of the website aims to provide a basic grounding in soil science which will enable you to understand the importance of soils throughout the world and to give an introduction to how they are formed and sustained, how they vary across the landscape, and how they relate to fundamental aspects of the world's economy – from gardening, agriculture, forestry and town and country planning to ecology and conservation.  We hope that it will also inspire a greater sense of responsibility and care for our fragile environment.

If you read and understand the 10 pages of the course, you will have the potential to  embark on a degree-level course in soil science or environmental science

We will look at the vital importance of soil to so many aspects of our lives.  After all, we depend on the stuff for much of what we do - we build our houses, schools, roads and factories on it, play games, walk in the countryside, enjoy gardens and parks and nature reserves; and, most important of all, we rely on it for the provision of food, fibres and timber.  It is these last essential uses of soil that have driven our ways of understanding it.