International Symposium "Efficient Use of Nitrogen in Agriculture"

Event date: 
Wednesday, October 21, 2020
Event venue: 
Virtual Conference
Event description: 

The efficiency of nitrogen use in cereals worldwide has been estimated at 33%; likewise, in Mexico, several research studies on cereals in intensive irrigation areas report similarly low efficiency values. Nitrogen that is not absorbed by the crop is volatilized, leached, percolated, and lost to the environment causing important water and air pollution problems. On the other hand, fertilization tends to be the main production cost with cereals. Here is an opportunity where you have the most expensive input and that is handled in an inefficient way. By increasing the efficiency of nitrogen use, production costs can be reduced and thus increase the profitability of the crop to reduce environmental impact and thus generate a win-win situation, where the farmer and also society in general wins. In Mexico, 71% of nitrogen fertilizer is applied to corn, wheat and sugar cane crops, which is why the symposium will aim to determine scientific advances at the national and international level on the use of nitrogen fertilizers (translated from Spanish).

Deadline for abstracts and extensive papers:  September 10, 2020