CSSS: Progress in Digital Soil Mapping

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Thursday, August 20, 2020
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Progress in Digital Soil Mapping (August 20, 12-4pm Eastern Time)

Advancements in technology and the increasing availability of geospatial datasets have led to the development of methodologies for mapping, modelling, and visualization of the pedosphere over multiple spatial and temporal scales. Predictive digital soil mapping (PDSM), the intersection of geographical information systems (GIS) and soil science, is an emerging field of research in Canada. The purpose of this field is to produce geographically referenced soil information by correlating legacy and/or field collected soil data to readily available environmental data using a variety of modelling approaches. Some key issues that are relevant in the field of PDSM may include the development and assessment of soil sampling procedures over space; the acquisition of soil-environmental data layers; the application of remote sensing and proximal sensing techniques; the comparison of soil prediction models; the use and visualization of PDSM products to perform digital soil assessments; and other related topics. The objective of this conference is to facilitate the dissemination of PDSM activities across Canada as well as to promote this subfield of discipline.

This online conference will be open to all and we welcome the submission of abstracts for oral presentations.

Abstract Instructions
Please submit a Word document that includes the following information:

  1. Title of presentation
  2. List of authors (indicate presenting author)
  3. Author affiliations
  4. Abstract (please limit to 300 words)

 All abstracts will be circulated to registrants prior to the conference. Each time slot will be 15 minutes (12 minute presentation & 3 minutes for questions)
Deadline for abstract submissions is 7 August.
To register, or submit an abstract, please contact Brandon Heung and Daniel Saurette and register by 17 August.