Working with Soil - Exposing and Describing a Soil Profile - POSTPONED

Event date: 
Wednesday, May 13, 2020
Event venue: 
Myerscough College, St Michael's Road, Bilsborrow, Preston, PR3 ORY, United Kingdom
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The ability to expose a representative soil profile and to describe it accurately and consistently are skills that are fundamental to the study of soil in the field. This practical one day course at Myerscough College is the first of our foundation skills courses and teaches you how to:

  • Safely expose a soil profile either by digging a pit or by using a soil auger
  • Consistently describe a site and a full soil profile using a recognised system of description (including hand texturing, soil colour, structure, consistency, porosity, stone content, free lime and roots/fauna) present
  • Interpret soil layers (broad horizon nomenclature), features and materials in terms of soil forming processes and the soil environment

The course is part laboratory and part field based. Working in a small group, you will dig your own pits, be taught each aspect of soil description back in the laboratory and then describe horizons back from your own pit.

Want to find out more about the course? Watch this short video to see what happens during the training day

You receive a training pack that includes an illustrated course manual with detailed instructions on all aspects of site and soil exposure and description, soil description forms for future use and a hand lens. 

The course also qualifies for CPD points for BASIS professional practice scheme - full details to be added shortly.

Registration fee:   Includes lunch, refreshments and all course materials

  • £120 - Early Career Members  
  • £170 - Other Members             
  • £205 - Affiliate Organisations  
  • £255 - Non Members       

The course is currently scheduled to begin at 9:00am (registration and refreshments will be available from 8:30am) and is expected to close at 5.00pm

Please read our Event Cancellation Policy  - see below.