SSDG Event: “Soil research in Scotland – where we are – where we are going – planning for SSWG 2022 tours”

Event date: 
Tuesday, November 26, 2019
Event venue: 
Room 9, Scottish Government, Victoria Quay, Edinburgh, United Kingdom
Event description: 

The Scottish Soils Discussion Group is hosting a meeting to discuss current issues and future direction in soil research and discuss opportunity to showcase key area of work at the World Congress of Soil Science in August 2022 in Glasgow SECC.

Sandra Marks will provide an overview of soil research strengths and deliverables under current Government programmes. The WCSS-Tours organising committee (Patricia Bruneau, John Hollis, Alex Cooke, Ute Skiba & Allan Lilly) will highlight the main theme of the WCSS and outline opportunities for engagement for all level of expertise.

The focus of this event will be on practical demonstration of soil values across Scotland as part of the proposed WCSS conference tours, but other elements of the congress will also be introduced.

Understand where the soil science research and policy community priorities converge in Scotland is an important element to ensure that we can show case the best of what we are doing and provide a long lasting legacy of interesting case study thereafter.

The day will begin at 10:00am with coffee, and is scheduled to close at 4:00pm.

The objectives of this meeting are:

*  To gather information on novel soil science that can be showcased at WCSS

*  To discuss options for fieldtrips for congress delegates

              -  Where? Would it be of interest to an international soil science community?  How accessible is it? Travel requirements, capacity/number of people, expense/costs to consider, catering available/needed

              -  Who? Tour leaders needed, are specific ‘experts’ required?

*  To provide a forum for people in different organisations to get involved in WCSS activities and discuss ongoing and future planning.   



* Everyone attending needs to register to enable us to make the necessary arrangements.

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