3rd Biostimulants World Congress

Event date: 
Monday, November 27, 2017 to Thursday, November 30, 2017
Event venue: 
Hyatt Regency, Miami, Florida USA
Event description: 

On the occasion of the 3rd Biostimulants World Congress that will take place 27-30 November 2017 in Miami, USA, we are pleased to invite participants from public and private research and educational institutions, and from the governmental and commercial sector to send us their abstract for consideration as an oral or poster presentation. 

Abstracts should contribute to our understanding of the role and use of Biostimulants in agriculture, including, but not limited to:  Biostimulants and plant development, nutrient uptake, yield, crop quality, interactions with the plant or soil microbiome, and crop tolerance to environmental stresses. Research that utilise agronomic, physiological or molecular tools providing insight into  the mechanism or mode of action of Biostimulants are particularly welcome.

Abstracts that demonstrate scientifically rigorous and statistically robust benefits to plant productivity and crop production are also welcome.

Abstracts covering legislation and registration procedures will also be considered.

Abstracts that are purely commercial or are not of general interest will not be considered.

Details on how to submit a paper can be found here

Submission Deadline - Friday 19th May 2017