Code of Conduct – Members and Fellows

The obligations of membership

Members and Fellows of the Society are expected to actively help the Society achieve its charitable and scientific objectives, namely:

  • promoting the understanding, relevance and use of soil science and the dissemination of research findings,
  • building collaborative partnerships reflecting the interdisciplinary nature of soil science,
  • developing soil science, soil scientists and enhancing soil education,
  •  promoting soil science as a professional discipline and supporting standards of practice,
  • ensuring the long term sustainability of the Society and safeguarding our soil science for the future

This can be achieved through their day-to-day professional activities, through involvement with or attendance at meetings of the Society or its regional groups, and ultimately through engagement in the management of the Society or its regional groups or playing a role in specific initiatives.

Members and Fellows of the Society should help protect and enhance the good reputation of the Society.

Members and Fellows of the Society should promote soil science as a worthwhile and valuable branch of scientific study and as a scientific career.

Professional conduct and practice

Full Members and Fellows have chosen soil science as their profession. They will at all times:

  • uphold the dignity and reputation of the profession of soil science by helping to safeguard the world’s land resource and promoting the value of soil and its study to the general public
  • discharge their professional responsibilities with integrity and due scientific and technical competence,
  • avoid actions that might bring the Society into disrepute or be inconsistent with or harmful to the objectives of the Society
  • uphold the principle of equal opportunity and non-discrimination in all activities
  • maintain a high professional standard and an awareness of new developments in their particular fields of professional practice whether these be applied soil science, academic research, teaching, student supervision or the management of staff
  • conform to the Society’s requirements for continuing professional development
  • recognise and respect the professional status of fellow members of the society and of other professional institutes and learned societies
  •  not represent themselves as a spokesperson for the Society without the agreement of Council or of the President
  • ensure, where appropriate, that they carry adequate professional indemnity insurance

Standards of conduct for all Society members

All Members and Fellows of the Society shall adhere to the Society’s Byelaws, its Articles of Association and any code of conduct adopted by the Society. They will be truthful in their dealings with the Society and its members and not act in any way to damage the standing of the Society. They will maintain scientific and ethical standards, which meet the reasonable expectations of the public and other scientists.


November 2018