Science Council Registration

The Society is licensed by the Science Council to award the qualifications Registered Science Technician (RSciTech), Registered Scientist (RSci) and Chartered Scientist (CSci)

The Science Council is a membership organisation representing the learned societies and professional institutions accross the UK.  It aims to provide a collective voice for science and scientists and to maintain standards across all the scientific disciplines. In October 2003 the Science Council was granted a Royal Charter, which enables it to licence appropriate professional institutions to award the designation Chartered Scientist (CSci) to individual scientists who meet the high standards for the qualification.

Registered Science Technicians work in technical roles, delivering essential scientific services and support within laboratories, schools and universities, hospitals and in many other workplaces.

Registered Scientists can be found in a huge variety of scientific and higher technical roles. They are able to work autonomously and apply their scientific knowledge in new areas.

The Chartered Scientist designation allows all scientists working at a professional level to be recognised on an equal footing.   Chartered Scientists are assessed for current competence through mandatory revalidation and so it provides a mark of assurance to others. CSci aims to demonstrate excellence and professionalism in Science and scientists.

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