Professor Claire Chenu - Biography

Professor Claire Chenu

Prof. Claire Chenu is a Professor of Soil Sciences at AgroParisTech with a strong academic track record, accomplished experience of the science-policy-practice interface and committed involvement in awareness raising activities where she makes use of her strong teaching skills and experience. Claire Chenu is the Vice-Chair of the CSPNB (Conseil Scientifique du Patrimoine Naturel et de la Biodiversité), an advisory committee on biodiversity and natural heritage to the Minister of Ecology (France) that recently published recommendations regarding soil policy at the national level.

As Chair of the scientific committee of the GESSOL program, a multidisciplinary research program of the French ministry of Ecology, she is also tasked to conceive and supervise the translation of stakeholders and public policy's knowledge needs into valid research questions and with the transfer to end-users of newly acquired scientific results from a wide range of disciplines, encompassing law, sociology, economy, ecology, hydrology and soil sciences. Under the framework of the GESSOL program, she actively contributed to numerous awareness raising activities. These activities include the coordination and dissemination of the French version of the European Atlas of soil biodiversity or the card game "The hidden life of soils". They also correspond to multiple invited talks, such as the French world soil day 2014 that took place at the French parliament, or training sessions for future high-level civil servants.

At the international level, she is a member of the steering committee of the Swiss National Science Foundation Research Program on soils (NRP68), member of the scientific committee of the German Biodiversity observatories and member of the advisory board of the SNOWMAN network, a European network on research related to soil sustainable management.

Her personal research deals with soil organic matter in soils, its dynamics, stabilization processes explaining carbon storage in soils, interaction with soil structure and changes with cropping practices. She is co-editor in chief of the journal Soil Biology and Biochemistry.