Grant Award Reports

The Society requires all successful grant applicants to provide a short report.  

Recipients of Student Travel / Conference Grants must submit their report within 2 months after the end of the conference and will present their work at a BSSS event within one year. 

Recipient of Innovation or Field Grants must submit a report within 6 months of receiving the grant.

Here is a selection of the recent reports recived from successful applicants.

Student Conference Grant Awards

Emma Burak - Attended EGU2017 in Vienna

Alexandra Cooke - Attended the IECA Environmental Connection Conference 2017 in Atlanta, United States of America

Angnese Mancini - Attended CONSOWA 2017 "Sustainable Life on Earth through Soil and Water Conservation" in Lleida, Spain

Field Equipment Grants

Joyce Franklin Academy - Various equipment for geography & soil science £178.28

Brian Chambers Soils Fund

Helen Balshaw - Attended International Fertiliser Society 24th Agronomic Conference, December 2016

Gavin Milson - Attending ARTIS training course - Improving soil biology for better yields